Hello there, I'm Chelsi.

A UX Designer with a mission

to do good.

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User Research
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About Me

Who I am

Montreal native currently living in Toronto, I am a UX Designer with a passion for designing and a knack for details.

Prior to discovering UX Design, I worked with one of the top 5 banks in Canada. My finance background gave me the building blocks to understand how to approach the emotional and behavioural processes of people from all walks of life. I worked on projects that relied heavily on statistical research and most importantly, empathizing with individuals. I thrived in my career because of my ability to ask the right, but also, the atypical questions, in order to arrive at the most overarching solutions.

Making a change into UX Design is one of the best decisions I have made for my career. Not only does this field embodies my career experiences with regards to researching, empathizing with others, and solution-finding, it also allows for me to be creative and to design products that engage users in a way that is able to change perspectives and experiences for the better.

How I can

A UX Designer with the experience and skills who can transform an idea into a well-versed product based on detailed statistical research and an empathetic approach coupled with user-focused solutions.

My skills include: survey designing,  interviewing, competitive analysis, ideation, user stories and flows, user personas, user analysis, sketching, branding, wireframing, prototyping, and web design.


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